Mimecast Spam Filter URL Protection


Mimecast protects users from malicious URLs by performing a real-time scan when you click on a link in your message. In order to do this, Mimecast requires that your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) be registered so it can communicate with the server.


Registering a Device

        When you click on a link on an unregistered device, it will bring you to a Device enrollment page.

        Enter your email address in the Email field and click Get Authentication Code.

        You will receive an email shortly with an 8-digit enrollment code.

        Enter this code in the Authentication code field and click Enroll Device.

        Your device is now registered and protected with the Mimecast server. All future links clicked in your emails will automatically load if it is safe.



If you have any questions please contact the IS Help Desk at or 646-638-8394.