Mimecast Spam Filter Mobile App Installation


For IOS devices click here.



Installing the Mobile App on an Android device

·        On your device, open the Google Play Store.

·        In the search bar, type “Mimecast”.

·        In the search results, tap on the Mimecast Mobile app.

·        Tap on install.

·        When the app is finished downloading and installing, tap on OPEN.

·        Tap GET STARTED.

·        Enter your email address and tap NEXT.

·        Enter your password.

·        Confirm Domain Authentication is checked and tap NEXT.

·        You will be prompted to enter a new passcode before using the Mimecast app.  This passcode is used to open the Mimecast app.

·        If your device supports fingerprint scanning, you are given the option of enabling that instead.

·        Once the setup is complete, you will see a list of messages held by the spam filter.



If you have any questions please contact the IS Help Desk at or 646-638-8394.