Remote Access Options

Access your email, calendar, and contacts from any computer using a web browser.  Click here to access


Mimecast Spam Filter

·        Protects users from unwanted and unsolicited messages, as well as messages with malicious attachments and URLs.

·        Access your Mimecast email quarantine via the Web Portal, the Outlook Plugin, or the Mobile App (IOS or Android).

·        Clicking on links in email messages requires your computer or device be registered first.


VPN Access

Full access to all of iNDEMAND network files and e-mail directly from your PC/Laptop as if you were connected directly to the iNDEMAND corporate network. Sync up your e-mail to your laptop and read/respond to this email while offline. You can even access your desktop at work.

Install the GlobalProtect VPN Client on your PC or MAC.


iPhone, Android, and Other PDA Devices

If your device supports Microsoft ActiveSync, please click here for instructions on how to setup.  If ActiveSync is not supported, access for other devices is simple reading/responding to e-mail only.  Contact the help desk for additional information.



If you have any questions please contact the IS Help Desk at or 646-638-8394.